Kumari Subha Laxmi Savings

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    Account Opening

    Minimun Balance of NPR 1000

    Features :

    • Debit Card: As per the STC. 
    • Mobile Banking & Internet Banking: As per the STC . 
    • Cash Back: NPR 100.00 is credited in account after activation of mobile banking.
    • Locker Facility: Security Deposit Margin- 50% as per STC                                                                                                                             Annual fee- 50% Discount on Annual charge
    • Demat & Mero share: Charges as per STC 
    • Insurance: Medical Insurance: NPR 20,000.00
    • Loan Subsidy: 20% discount in loan processing charge for account holders maintaining account for over 1 year

    *Conditions Apply



    •     Special* rates on retail-loans
    •     International Travel Card facility

    *Conditions Apply

    *Locker facility is subject to availabilty on a "First Come - First Serve" basis

    What services do we offer for this account type?

    Mobile Banking

    Internet Banking

    Debit/Credit Card

    Locker Service