Kumari Premium Salary Account

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    Kumari Premium Salary Account

    A/c Opening:

    Minimum Balance: Zero

    Key Benefits:

    • Debit Card: 1st year free, free cash withdrawl from any ATM
    • Internet Banking & Mobile Banking : Free for 1st year. 
    • Locker : Margin: As per STC, Annual fee- 1st year free
    • Demat and Meroshare: 1st year free
    • Insurance Coverage: Accidental Death: 7 lakhs, Medical Insurance:  NPR 20,000*
    • Other features: Minimum no. of staff: 15. Foneloan up to 2 lakh, Credit card: joining charge fee, annual charge 1st year free

    * Conditional Apply

    What services do we offer for this account type?

    Mobile Banking

    Internet Banking

    Debit/Credit Card

    Locker Service