Kumari NRN Saving Account


    Features of NRN Saving Account: 

    1. Minimum Balance - NA
    2. Mode of Transfer:

    a. Deposit and repatriation of the deposit amount can be done only through banking channel including swift and remittance through corresponding foreign bank.
    b. Repatriation of the account is done only to the corresponding foreign bank account number registered in another foreign bank registered at the time of account opening
    c. In case a customer requests to use the amount in local currency, settlement can be done in local currency upon receiving requests from the customer

    Account Opening and KYC:

    KYC updates and verification at the time of account opening or in the course of account maintenance can be done through digital medium.

    Documents Required for Opening NRN Saving Account:

    a. Copy of valid passport
    b. One passport size photo
    c. Valid Non-Resident Nepali (NRN) identity card
    d. Completely filled saving account form

    *Other terms and conditions to be applicable as per regular saving accounts.