Tie Up Details



    Medanta Hospital – Delhi, India 

      Customers of Kumari Bank (Medanta Card Holders) are eligible to receive upto 10% discount on the total bill payment done through KBL Co-branded Medanta Visa Debit Card.   


    10% Discount
    on Prevailing
    Medanta Rates



    OPD Services

    All Consultations

    Package based OPD Treatments (e.g. Mental health, Post-transplant)  

    Laboratory &

    Drugs, Disposables, consumables, blood components, implants, devices etc. are excluded from discount
    All day care procedures
    No discount on investigations other than lab and Radiology
    No discount on Outsourced Tests
    No Discount on CT, PET – CT, and MRI


    1. Room Rent
    2. Laboratory &
    Radiology Investigation

    Drugs, Disposables, Consumables, Blood Components, Implants, Devices, etc. are excluded from discount.
    No discount on any component of any pre-defined packages
    No Discount to TPA/Insurance patients
    No discount on investigations other than lab and radiology
    No discount on outsourced tests
    No discount on CT, PET-CT, and MRI
    No discount on OT, Surgeon Fees and Anesthesia

    Preventive Health Services

    1.Room Rent
    & Radiology Investigations

    2 K-Lab – Bhatbhateni / Chabahil 
      Discount to account holders on all in-house tests conducted at K-Lab 20%
    3 Advance Polyclinic Pvt. Ltd., Panipokhari, Kathmandu
      Provide discount to KBL debit/credit card holders and KBL Swastha Jeevan Bachat Khata Members and their respective dependent family members (father, mother, spouse and children) relating to medical services provided at the clinic except on APC health package, vaccines, medicines, outsourced tests.  10%
    4 Green City Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Basundhara, Kathmandu
      General Bed charges 15%
      Private Cabins 10%
      ICU 7%
      Lab Investigations 15%
      Radiology 10%
      Surgeries 10%
      Other diagnostic tests and parameters  10%
      Pharmacy 7%
    5 United Reference Laboratory (URL), New Road, Pokhara
      Provide a discount to account holders on all in-house tests conducted at URLs 25%
    6 Spark Health Home Pvt. Ltd., Kalimati, Kathmandu
      Discount on Pharmaceuticals services 10%
      Consultancy fess, X-Ray, Laboratory, Physiotherapy, Acupunture, Massage etc. (Discount on Total Bill Amount) 10%
    7 Prabhu Hospital and Research Centre Pvt. Ltd., Panitanki – 08, Birgunj, Nepal
      Medical Checkup and Surgery 15%
      Medicine  5%
    8 Jeebanta Advanced Kathmandu Imaging Pvt. Ltd. , Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, Nepal
      On MRI, CT Scan & Ultrasound 10%
      This discount is applicable to KBL debit / credit cardholders, KBL Account holders and their direct dependents.  
    9 Kailali Hospital Pvt. Ltd.
      OPD,Lab,OT,X-RAY,ECHO,ECG,Endoscopy,Bed charge,Oxygen,NICU,ICU,Suturing,dressing,Physiotherapy,Usg,Hulter,Therapy Foods Pvt. Ltd. (Burger Shack) 10%
      Cabin Charge 20%
    10 Vriya Technology Pvt. Ltd. (TeleUpachar)
      On Consultation Fee and Lab Test  10%
      This discount is applicable to KBL mobile and/or internet banking user, KBL Account holders and their direct dependents.  
    11 Dristi Eye Care Center Pvt. Ltd (Dristi Eye Care)
      OPD (General as well as paying) 20%
      ENT Treatment  20%
      Operation Charge 10%
      Optical Product  7.5%
      Operation/Surgery Package 5%
      Investigation 5%
      Laboratory  5%
    12 We Care Health Center Pvt Ltd
      Pathology Lab 10%
      other Diagnostics i.e. X-Ray, ECG, USG,TMT,ECHO , CBCT, OPG 5%
      Scaling and Tooth Whitening 10%
      RCT and Filing 5%
      Extraction 5%
      The discount is applicable to all KBL Debit / Credit card holders and their direct dependents.  
    13 Siddhartha Business Group of Hospitality, Subidhanagar, Nepal 
      Discount on total bill amount on its Food and Beverages  10% 
      Discount on Accommodation for Corporate Clients – As per Company Policy  
      The discount is applicable to all KBL Debit / Credit card holders and KBL Staff’ & their dependents and KBL Board members.  
    14  Chauraha Hospital Private Limited 
      In-house Pathology 10%
      General Health Check Up  10%
      Pathology Test  10%
      Operation Charge  10%
      Bed Charge  10%
      Pharmacy Service  10%
    15  B & B Hospital Pvt. Ltd. 

    Hospital Services (Inpatient and Outpatient)

    (On Total Bill not exceeding 15 lakhs 


    Pharmacy Medicines (On Total Bill)


    Conditions-Not valid for packaged and outsources tests

    Not valid for discount packages, PCR, Covid-19 treatments, medical implants, surgical cosumables and cosmetic products

    16  Maya Metro Hospital 
      Lab 10%
      USG 10%
      Echo 10%
      Endoscopy 10%
      Bed Charge (Normal/ Cabin) 10%
      OT 5%
      Ambulance Service 5%
    17 Lal Ratna Hospital 
      Medicine, Lab and ambulance service 5%
      Digital ECG, Echo, Endoscopy, Bed Charge and OT  10%
    18 Nepal Lab House  Pvt. Ltd. 
      All Service 25%
    19 Supreme Dental Care Pvt. Ltd. 
      General Dentistry 15%
      Orthodontics 10%
      Paedodontics 15%
      Prosthodontics 15%
      Endodontics 15%
      Dental Implants 10%
    20 Banepa Dental Care Pvt. Ltd.
      General Dentistry 20%
      Orthodontics 10%
      Pedodontics 20%
      Prosthodontics 20%
      Endodontics 20%
      Dental Implants 10%
    21 Navajeevan Hospital
      OPD 10%
      Lab 14%
      USG 10%
      Echo 10%
      Endoscopy 10%
      Bed Charge (Normal/Cabin)/with Air Conditioner 10%
      OT 12%
      Ambulance Service 10%
      Xray 14%
      ICU/NICU 14%
    22 National Path Labs (NPL)
      In-House Test 20%
      Outsource Test  10%
    23 Adhunik Samaj Dental  
      Membership Card  Free
      OPD Doctor Consultation and Checkup Free
      Basic Treatment by dental surgean (BDS) 25%
    24 Ruru Janasewa Polyclinic 
      Admission Fee 20%
      OPD Service (Doctor Consultation and checkup) 20%
      Radiology (X-Ray, USG, Doppler, Echo etc) 10%
      Laboratory Test 10%
      Video X-Ray 15%
      Pharmacy 5% on MRP
    25 L.S Neuro & General Hospital 
      All Services upto 20%
    26 Ganeshman Singh Samudayik Hospital 
      All Services upto 10%
    27 Thyro Lab Butwal Pvt. Ltd. 
      In house tests 25%
      Outsourced tests 10%
    28 Subha Jeewan Hospital 
      All Services 15%
    29 Saurya Dental Care Pvt. Ltd.
      BDS Doctor Consultation 50%
      Specialist Consultation (MDS) 25%
      Digital X-Ray 50%
      General Dentistry 20%
      Treatment done by specialist MDS 10%
    30 Muskan Dental Home
      All Dental Treatment 20%
    31 Community Wellness Center Private Limited 
      Pharmacy 5%
      Lab 35%
      Physio 10%
      USG 10%
      X-Ray 15%
      Whole Body 25%
    32 Everest Natural Health Center
      All services 10%
    33 Natural Oil Therapy
      All services 10%
    34 Thakur Polyclinic
      Pharmacy 5%
      Lab 35%
      Physio 10%
      USG 10%
      X-Ray 15%
      Whole Body 25%
      Doctor Fee 25%
    35 Janata Care Hospital Pvt. Ltd.
      OPD Checkup and Investigations (X-Ray, USG, Pathology Tests etc.) 15%
      General Ward & Cabin Bed Charges 15%
      OT Charges 15%
      Medicine 7%
    36 National City Hospital 
      OPD Checkup Rs 50
      General Ward, Cabin Bed and Round Charges 10%
      OT Charges, CT Scan, ICU, NICU, HDU/Nursery & Investigations (Endoscopy/Colonoscopy, X-Ray, USg, Pathology Tests etc.) 10%
    37 NPI Narayani Samudayik Hospital 
      Hospital Services (except OPD, Pharmacy Sales, Implant Sales & CT Scan Services) 10%
    38 Sunwarshi Polyclinic And Diagonostic Centre Pvt. Ltd.
      Lab 10%
      USG 10%
      ECG 10%
      X-Ray 10%
    39 Life Line Hospital Pvt. Ltd.
      Different medical facilities 20%
    40 Rajmarga Samudayik Hospital
      OPD & Hospital Services 25%
      Medicine Charges 10%
    41 Times Hospital Pvt. Ltd.
      Pharmacy 10%
      Lab 30%
      USG 30%
      ECG 30%
      X-Ray 30%
      Bed Charge 30%
    42 Sumeru Hospital Pvt. Ltd.
      OPD 20%
      IPD Services 20%
      Pharmacy 10%
    43 Natural Oil Therapy
      All the services 10%
    44 Chirayu National Hospital and Medical Institute Pvt. Ltd. 
      Bed Charge 15%
      Diagnostic Charges (In House) 10%
      Pharmacy Charges 5%
      Health Packages 5%
      Ambulance Services  Free (Inside Valley)
    45 Miracle Skin Care and Aesthetic Clinic Pvt. Ltd. 
      Consultation Fee (Fisrt Consultation) Free
      Other Fee and Services 10%
    46 Town Hospital Pvt. Ltd. 
      ECG, Echo, Pathology, X-Ray, USG, Endoscopy 15%
      Normal Bed, HDU Bed, A/C Cabin  15%
      Surgery, Colonoscopy 15%
      Medicine 8%
    47 Malekhu Teaching Hospital
      Blood and other Investigations, USG/ X-Ray/ECG/CTG/ECHO 10%
      General Ward and Cabin Bed Charges 10%
      OT Charges, ICU, HDU/ Nursery 10%
      Medicines 5%
    48 Kawasoti Hospital Pvt. Ltd.
      ECHO 20%
      Investigations (Lab Test), X-Ray, USG 10%
      OT Charge 15%
      Pharmacy (Medicine) 5%
      OPD Checkup, General Ward, Emergency 10%
    49 Rajmarga Samudayik Hospital
      OPD and Hospital Services 25%
      Medicine Charges 10%
    50 GW Health Care Pvt. Ltd. 
      Dental Scaling  80%
      Other all general procedure  20%
      Consultant service 10%
    51 Chitwan Medical College
      All hospital services 10%
      Pharmacy 7%