Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Banking

What is Kumari Smart Mobile Banking? What services are available?

Kumari Smart Mobile Banking uses your mobile phone to conduct certain banking functions by sending SMS. It allows you to do the banking transaction, directly from your mobile phone 24x7. You can perform following service via Kumari Smart Mobile Banking:

  • Transfer funds within and outside member Bank's account.
  • Mobile Topup.
  • Landline/ ADSL Bill Payment
  • NEA Bill Payments.
  • Buy Airline Tickets
  • Other payment services.

Who is eligible for this service?

If you are a Kumari Bank Limited customer with at least one account, you are eligible for this service. Both Saving and current account can be used for the service.

How will Smart Mobile Banking benefit me?

Kumari Smart Mobile Banking allows you to keep track of your banking transactions; perform transactions from anywhere and at any time at the touch of your fingers, it saves your time and other cost.

How do I enroll for this service?

After being Kumari Bank Limited account holder, you can fill up Kumari Smart Mobile Banking form in same branch of Kumari Bank Limited.

How is it safe?

Kumari Smart Mobile Banking is completely safe. Our application protects transactions with multi-layer security protocol involving authentication, data masking and encryption. All of the transactions require PIN or Fingerprint verification, and the PIN is confidential and is known only to the customers.

Can I transfer fund from my account to another customer's account?

Yes, you can directly send money to another customer's account.

Do I need to predefine bank account?

No need to predefine. You can send fund to any account of Kumari Bank Limited.

Can I transfer fund from my account to another bank’s customer account?

Yes, you can send money to another bank’s customer account through the IBFT (Inter Bank Fund Transfer) feature.

How do I know when the transfer has been performed?

If any transaction has been performed, receiver and sender both will receive SMS notification for confirmation.

What happens if I lose my mobile phone or Stolen? Can someone take money out of my account via Kumari Smart Mobile Banking if mobile lost/stolen?

Please immediately contact to Kumari Smart Mobile Banking Department for assistance or Please call us immediately at +977-01-4445501. If the person who found your mobile doesn’t know your PIN they won’t be able to take out your money. But if they know your PIN they can misuse it.

Which mobile network carrier does it work with?

It works with NTC and Ncell GSM network only.

What happens if I do not get a response SMS after initiating a transaction?

If you don't receive any response from Kumari Smart Mobile Banking service within 30 seconds please contact to Kumari Digital Banking Department for confirmation. You can directly contact us at +977-01-4445501.

What happen if the telecom provider’s network is down?

If you are using Kumari Smart Mobile Banking service through SMS channel then the service relies on a SMS message. If the telecom provider network is down, the service will not function. Else if you are using Kumari Smart Mobile Banking service through data connectivity, then the telecom provider’s network won’t hamper your access.

Can I conduct transaction through this service if I am outside of the country?

Yes, this service can be conducted from outside the country through data connectivity.

Do I have to maintain Balance in my account?

Yes, to perform any transaction, you need to have sufficient balance.

How many times can I change my PIN? Should I change the PIN? If I forget Pin, What do I do?

No limitation to change pin. System generated pin is difficult to remember and it is better and safety for you, if you changed pin. Please visit nearest branches and fill up the pin re-generate form to receive new pin.

What is the length of Password/PIN? Does the Password/PIN have to be alphabetic or numeric? Does the Password/PIN auto expire?

The login Password will be of minimum 8 characters and have to be alphanumeric. Pin length will be 4 numerical only. Alphabetic pin will not be supported by system. Password/PIN will not be auto expire.

Can I use my fingerprint as Password/PIN?

Yes, you can use your Fingerprint as Password/PIN. For that first set your Fingerprint access in mobile phone. After that login to Kumari Smart Mobile Banking App, go to Settings and Setup login Fingerprint for Password and setup Transaction Fingerprint for PIN.

Do I need to pay any charges for this service?

No you don’t have to pay any extra charges to perform transaction except Inter Bank Fund Transfer service, but annual fee will be charged as per packages.

Do I need to pay SMS cost for transaction?

Yes, regular SMS cost will be deducted from talk time balance.

What if I send the money to a wrong recipient?

We advise that you pay utmost care when typing in the recipient’s mobile phone number. In an unlikely event that you send money to an unintended recipient, please call us immediately at 977-01-4445501. However the transaction cannot be reversed once the funds have already been withdrawn.

Is Kumari mobile application available?

Yes, Kumari Smart Mobile Banking Application is available to Android and iPhone users only. You can download it from our website or Google Play Store (Android users) and App Store (iPhone users).

Shall I register if my number is not owned by me in NTC/Ncell office?

Yes, you can register. Bank can not verify the ownership of the number. Customer will be liable if any unauthorized transactions on their account. So use your own number for the service.

What happen if I change my mobile number?

In case you changed your mobile number, kindly contact to your nearest branch of Kumari Bank Limited.

What happens if recipient's mobile is switch off or out of network?

Transaction will be successful even recipient's mobile is switched off or is out of network but recipient will receive notification after network coverage or when mobile is switched on.

How do I unsubscribe the Kumari Smart Mobile Banking Service? How do I re-subscribe?

Please visit your nearest Kumari Bank Limited branch.


What types of Deposit Services does KBL offer? List of deposit types with brief explanation

a) Kumari Swastha Jeevan Bachat Khata - It is a saving deposit product to promote 'saving habit' and 'good health' amongst people. The Bank has tie up with various hospitals nationally and internationally (Medanta, Medicity - New Delhi) for discounts on medical services to customers at partner hospitals.

b) Kumari Remit Bachat Khata - This saving product is to facilitate migrant workers and their relatives where account holder can deposit as well as send a payment request to the Bank for hte payment of fund to the beneficiary.

c) Kumari Salary Saving

d) Shareholders' Saving Account

e) Kumari Big Saving Khata

f) Kumari Smart Bachat Khata

g) Kumari Saving
 - This account is for customers with a deposit range above Rs 1000, 000/- The banks offers competitive rate and various services and facilities and allows you can bank at your convenience, without the stress of waiting in queues.

h) Twinkle Star Saving - This account is a minor account for children below the age of 16.This scheme encourages children and guardians to develop a habit of saving for tomorrow. The account will be opened in the name of the child and account operation will be done by the guardian/Parent till the child reaches the age of 16.

i) Subha Laxmi Saving - This account is for housewives as well as working women .Other than the competitive interest rate the bank also offers attractive facilities and discounts.

j) 50+ Saving - This account is for senior citizens above the age of 50. No more waiting in long queues, a senior citizen can approach the Customer Service Department at any Kumari Bank branch and get their account serviced.

For further product details, please contact our Customer Service Dept, at any of our branches.

Am I eligible to open a deposit account with KBL? (Who are eligible to open an account with KBL?)

  • Nepali Residents
  • Indian Residents holding valid Registration at the Indian Embassy in Nepal
  • Foreign Nationals holding a valid visa, other than a tourist visa.

How do I open a deposit account with KBL?

Customers who wish to open a deposit account with KBL may visit any of our branches .Upon request for account opening, our Customer Service department will provide the necessary forms, which must be duly filled and signed by the account holder, request for Checkbook and ATM Card must also be made, as per the requirement.

What are the mandatory documents I need to submit to open a deposit account?

  • Copy of Citizenship or Passport or Registration certificate, in case of Indian Nationals.
  • Two recent Passport size photographs

What is the benefit I get from opening a deposit account with KBL?

Kumari Bank offers a competitive interest rate for a wide variety of Deposit Products to suit your requirements. Convenience of networked branches/ ATMs and facility of E-channels like Internet and Mobile Banking, besides customers can also enjoy numerous facilities and discounts on various products of the bank like, Loan processing fee, Remittance, Locker. The bank also offers free accidental insurance, privileged counters, Utility bill payment and many more.

What are the Interest Rates being offered by KBL?

For the updated Interest rates being offered by KBL , please follow the link below.

On what basis is the Interest calculated?

Bank will provide interest on all types of Savings accounts .Interest calculation is done as per the policy of the bank which may vary according to the Deposit schemes. Normally, bank will provide interest on the deposit maintained in the account on a monthly minimum basis. Interest will not be paid if the monthly minimum balance is not maintained.

When are Interest credited?

Interest earned on the Normal Saving accounts (interest bearing accounts) will be credited on quarterly basis on the last day of the month of Ashadh, Ashwin, Poush and Chaitra. For all other types of Fixed Deposit interest will be provided on Quarterly basis on the last day of the month of March, June, September and December.

Is tax deducted in the Interest I am earning, if so what is the rate?

Tax will be deducted on the interest earned @ of 5%

What is the minimum balance I need to maintain?

Minimum balance requirement is different as per the nature of accounts. Customers will be required to inquire with the branch at the time of opening the account, for other types of saving deposit the minimum balance requirements are:-

  • Kumari Swastha Jeevan Bachat Khata –Minimum balance of Rs 5,000/-
  • Kumari Remit Bachat Khata –Minimum balance is Nil.
  • Kumari Salary Saving Account - Minimum balance of Rs 1,000/-
  • Shareholders Saving Account -Minimum balance of Rs 500/-
  • Kumari Big Saving - Minimum balance of Rs 5,000/-
  • Kumari Smart Bachat Khata - Minimum balance is Nil.
  • Kumari Saving - Minimum balance is Rs. 1,000/- or Above.
  • Twinkle Star Saving- Minimum balance of Rs 1,000/-
  • Subha Laxmi Saving - Minimum balance of Rs 1,000/-
  • 50+Saving - Minimum balance of Rs 1,000/-

Are there Account Maintenance Fees?


Are rates negotiable?

No, the rates for these saving products are not negotiable, however subject to certain conditions, rates maybe negotiated. For further details, please contact any of our branches.

Can I have Statement posted to my mailbox or do I need to collect it from the Bank itself?

Statements will not be posted or emailed, it will have to be collected from the respective branch where the customer maintains the account, however for customers residing abroad, upon their request, it maybe sent via the email provided at the time of A/c opening.

What is the frequency of the Statements?

Statements can be collected from the bank on Quarterly basis, however upon Customer’s request, it may also be provided on demand basis after paying a certain fee.

Can I have a chequebook? What is the minimum balance I need to maintain to obtain one?

Check book will be provided upon Customer request to all types of Saving deposit accounts, provided maintenance of minimum balance requirement.

Can I have a personalized Chequebook?

Yes, the bank will provide personalized Checkbook for all accounts maintained with the bank.

Is there a deposit or withdrawal restriction (In terms of Rupees) ?

Customers can deposit any amount without any restriction, however if the amount exceeds 1 million, the source of income must be mentioned on the deposit voucher. Similarly there are no restrictions for withdrawals ,however customers must give 1 day prior notice to the bank for withdrawals above 0.5 million. For withdrawals through ATM debit Card, withdrawals per day is limited up to Rs 100,000/-

Is there a restriction on the number of deposits or withdrawals I make?

Customer can make any number of deposits and withdrawals without any restriction, however the number of withdrawals by means of Debit Card cannot exceed 10 transactions per day.

Can I open a deposit account from the Internet itself?

No, customers have to visit the bank personally to open an account .

Can I download the application, fill it up and submit in the Bank?

Yes, customers can download the application form and submit the same to the bank together with other requisite documents.

Is introduction from an account holder mandatory to open a new account?

Introduction from an existing account holder of KBL is a requirement, however in the absence of this, customers may fill in the details of a referenced person.

Do I need to deposit money in the first day itself?

Yes, customers are required to deposit money on the day of account opening itself, however if checks of other banks are deposited, same must be informed to the Customer service department.

How do I close an account?

All requests for account closure must be made in writing, by signing the closure form by the account holder. In addition to the closure request, any unused cheques and ATM/Debit Cards (if taken) must also be surrendered to the bank.

Is there an account closure maintenance fee?